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My Pillows and Cases are just the right size for your child.  The Pillows are 12" x 17" and are filled with a soft Polyester filling.  You may choose a solid or patterned pillow with or without a matching case in either one of three fabrics.  I will soon be offering name embroidering and monogramming for a slight extra charge.

Pillow (12" x 17")

Case (12"x18") shown w/trim

The following colors and patterns are samples.  We can match just about any pattern you desire.  Some patterns may vary slightly from examples depending on fabric availability. 





pinksateen.jpg (126727 bytes)

pinkbabyflannel.jpg (61839 bytes)

PATTERNS (click to see enlarged view of pattern)

balletslippers.jpg (86854 bytes) ballerina.jpg (74530 bytes) sportsballs.jpg (61497 bytes) airandsky.jpg (92579 bytes)
Ballet Slippers (cotton) Ballerinas (cotton) Sports Balls (cotton) Airplanes (cotton)
outerspace.jpg (100784 bytes) bluesearsuckflannel.jpg (75431 bytes) sleepybears.jpg (56036 bytes) clouds.jpg (109625 bytes)
Outer Space (cotton) Blue Searsucker (baby flannel) Sleepy Bears (cotton/poly) Clouds (flannel)
dinosaurpurple.jpg (116264 bytes) trucks.jpg (101474 bytes) alphapastel.jpg (68146 bytes) alphaprimary.jpg (71983 bytes)
Purple Dinos Trucks Alphabet - Pastel (Flannel) Alphabet - Primary (Flannel)
babyfeet.jpg (35918 bytes) jungleanimals.jpg (84012 bytes) poohhunny.jpg (75798 bytes) racecarsbright.jpg (94847 bytes)
Baby Feet (Flannel or Cotton) Jungle Animals (cotton) Pooh Hunny (cotton) Race Cars (cotton)
Pattern Choices Subject to Availability at Time of Order

Pillows are available in the following fabrics:

100% Cotton (Solid & Pattern)

Sateen (polyester) (Solids Only) Soft (Baby) Flannel (Solid & Pattern)

***Just a reminder:   The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend using pillows for any child under the age of 2.  This is to prevent accidental death from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which can affect children up to age 2.****

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